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The information on the State of Delaware web site is made available as a public service by the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation (the “Division”). The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation offers update information daily. Take time to review all the information.

For any questions you may have before or after you hire a contractor you may email or call the State of DE: or call (302) 744-4500 for any concerns you may have about the use of their site or policy or contractor's business information.

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The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation online license verification service. The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation site discloses the following public information about licenses: Look them up

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We have taken time to review the contractor's business information listed in our review directory and have taken time to offer you many resources links to help you as a homeowner to locate a general contractor quickly. Most of them offer free estimates so that you can compare prices and services.

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Most contractors will offer you an estimate by an estimate contract. Remember to always read the contracts thoroughly. Keep in mind the estimate is what it is - just an estimate. Next they will probably write you a final price contract with an agreement on time frame, payment schedule, cost, insurance cost, permit cost, and more. The contract agreement should be discuss between the both of you to avoid disagreements.

Anytime you add on 1 or more projects other than what is written on the final contract - ask for new contract to be written.

Don't forget that contractors have business costs, families to feed & cloth, and have household bills to pay same as you. They rely on your referrals and good reviews. At any time you may contact us with your reviews good or bad. And we will post them for you at this site.