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Jane McNellis Sadowy

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We do the reviews & online advertising (we have over 25 yrs experience in SEO, Website Designing & Awards in Internet Marketing advertising)

You do the home improvement jobs!

"We only recommend the Best of the Best in Delaware for our users. "Does Your Business Have A 5-Star Rating? Add your membership listing today. Boost your sales. Become a member. Get your contracting business listed in our directory & listed on full-page ads at our site. And other sites targeting your type of business. If you contract in Roofing - septic repair, home remodeling, office remodeling, home improvement, flooring, electricians, plumbers, painters, & more. You might want to join us! And we have a spot open just for you. Spots are filling up so keep us in mind.

Please fill out the comment area your full contact information: Your Name & Title, Business Name, Licence Number, Web Address, Phone Number & a short description of your general contracting business service information Below:

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Your (1) one business Directory Listing For General Contractor Enrollment includes a monthly statement or yearly statement that will require a monthly or yearly renewal to ensure contractors are reviewed again and remain in good standing. We accept business checks, visa payments by Pay Pal payments & money orders. Call us anytime! cr And we enjoy looking to meeting you in person. For our office records only Please send your photocopy licensing credential as an attachment to our Gmail. generalcontractordelaware@@@@@ Gmail

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Home improvement questions that your customers need to hear:
  1. Are you licensed in the state of Delaware?
  2. Are you correctly insured to do contracting business in the state of Delaware?
  3. Do you offer warranties on the products you use?
  4. Do offer guarantees on your work?
  5. Do you provide great customer service to your customers?
  6. Are you able to be contacted at any given time for estimates or complaints?
  7. Do you understand the guidelines for helping your customers with gaining legal home improvement permits?
  8. What kind of payment methods do you accept from your customers?
  9. What kind of certificates have you received in your line of business?
  10. How many years of experiences do you have doing this kind of general contracting business?
  11. Are you ok with customers referring you to their friends or/and leaving a review at our site?
  12. Do you offer any type of discount to veterans or seniors?
  13. Do you offer complimentary home improvement estimates?
  14. What areas of Delaware do you provide service to?
  15. Are you looking to hire extra staff?

*Disclaimer: Pro contractors must remain in good standing with their training, licenses, & other good business practices to profile their business information on this site. ** Merchant policy: we do not honor return payments due to the amount of work we put into hand submitting & displaying your business information on this site & other marketing techniques. You may at any time contact us to remove your listing by emailing our office.

Membership Prices subject to change due to the demand required.

Message from the founder of General Contactor Delaware

Why not show the people that are looking to hire your company for home or commercial improvement projects and get the impact you deserve?

Jane McNellis Sadowy

From the founder of General Contractor Delaware

Internet Marketing business owner for over 35 yrs.

How this all began? Been there done it. Nail it! Top ten SEO on the east coast, sales, Internet marketing, website designer, customer service pro, president of veteran owned media company, years of college, and I am the founder of this site. Being a homeowner myself I could never decide who to hire to do my home improvements. Back in 2014, I had a plumber come to fix a water pipe and he showed up for the estimate in a rundown truck and seemed to be intoxicated. I decided then I needed to assist other homeowners in locating a trust home improvement pro. And help trusted contractors connect with home improvement customers.

As a business owner, you know how important your online presence is. In order to generate leads, and in turn, sales, your Delaware contracting business needs to be visible on search engine keyword results. But how can you ensure searchers are finding your company when they are looking for someone to remodel their kitchen, fix a septic system, build an addition, or to complete any other number of home improvement tasks in their home?

We have two suggestions for you: investing in SEO (search engine optimizing) and General Contractor Delaware Pro BIGGER membership.

In order to be found amidst the competitors, you’re going to have to invest in both your website AND additional referral review sites to stay relevant and visible. But this can be a tricky thing to navigate on top of running your own business. So where do you start?

Investing in General Contractor Delaware Pro BIGGER Membership for Your Contracting Company. We do all the marketing, help you with SEO, and send the leads to your business phone. You do the estimate and you do home improvement jobs.

As a contractor, you have your hands full, from managing your crew to managing the estimate & your business. So adding sales to the list of things to do is just one more of the many hats a small business owner has to wear.

Propitiously, there is something you can do that will gradually help. By submitting to our contractor review website just for Delaware contractors, you can build a pipeline of leads, and some of those will convert to sales.

Most review directory sites charge a fee no matter how you get around it. Some charge a commission based fee on the amount you invoiced the lead they sent to you. Some search results companies charge fees.

We do not charge commission fees. Our membership fee is upfront and stays a steady affordable cost for yearly membership. Your membership fee is a business advertising investment. You get the lead directly from our directory on our site, from your listing at other full-page ads at our site, or other sites we display your business information. Giving you the freedom and power to give estimates the way you wish!

We invest in premium domain names, websites, search results, adverting cost that helps bring valid leads, & many long day work hours on our end to ensure your business grows as big as it can grow. 24/7 our phone lines and email inquiries are managed 7 days a week (Yes even on holidays and Sundays) to ensure you get the help you need to allow your business to grow Pro BIGGER.

If you have not already set yourself up on our main review site, it’s time to do so. You might have been putting it off, but it’s worth the time. Our contractor directory referral review site can result in lots of opportunities. Not only bringing in some estimates to your phone but helping your website become more clickable.

Our marketing site caters to homeowners looking to hire Delaware professionals such as contractors, general contractors, general contractor Delaware, plumbers, roofers, painters, assemblers, electricians, carpenters, remodeling professionals, construction specialists and so much more.

  • Kind Regards,
  • Jane McNellis
  • Founder & Sponsor General Contractor Delaware
  • Advertising & Media ®™Award Internet Marketing
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Member of U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • President Analog Entertainment & Analog Television, LLC
  • Founder & Sponsor: the most important book ever written on the Internet!
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